Products  —  In-Store & Smart Fitting Room Application

Based on item’s label reading the Myrio In-store Application offers smart matching suggestions for outfit combinations and accessories providing a regular update of items, combinations and quantities.

With just a touch all merchandize in the store becomes completely visible providing perfect outfit suggestions.

With just a touch all available items in different sizes and colors are at disposal for selection and purchase.

  • Deployed on touch screens or different interactive media with integrated item label reader  
  • Perfect for lounge areas & fitting rooms in shop 
  • State of the art technology
  • Integrated with loyalty system to provide personalized outfit matching
  • Integrated with social networks

Product Modules

Myrio Application- interactive application deployed on touch screens or different media in-store

Administration- tool for managing all items and combinations and distribution of media content from HQ to shops

Graphic Configuration- Fashion Matching Studio

Marketing Module- tool for deployment and managing marketing services and campaigns

Statistics and Reporting- overview of all activities, interactions, and key items triggering purchase decisions

Transaction Module- provides connection of Myrio Solution with the shop transaction system