About Us

Myrio is focused on development of innovative software solutions for fashion industry that can be applied across different segments of retail industry. We are passionate about design and conceptual development of new services and products focused on business niches and application of cutting edge technology in business context.

An initial idea for Myrio solution is a result of personal shopping experience and identification of shortfalls in existing shopping process. The Myrio solution addresses existing missed opportunities for retailers as well as customers and new ways how customers can be served much better with additional services, which are improving shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

The company received seed funding by BICRO - Business and Innovation Center of Croatia that recognized value and potential of the project. The Myrio Solution won VIDI e-novation gold award for innovation 'Tesla Golden Egg' organized by VIDI - a leading regional IT magazine.

Myrio fitting room solution is featured as one of the 4 most interesting smart and visual technologies at NRF Big Show in NYC by RSR.

Ms. Rosenblum (RSR), Myrio and Zensar @ NRF in NYC
Myrio @ Club e-Luxe International Summit in Paris